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A visually-impaired Quality Assurance Engineer

Promoting Tech Inclusivity for People with Disabilities

AmaliTech’s approach is unique in that it also focuses on creating a supportive environment for PWDs. At AmaliTech we have various initiatives in place including providing sign language interpreters and partnering with crucial organisations. Additionally, AmaliTech works closely with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations to ensure that its programmes are inclusive and meet the needs of PWDs.

Three women standing together

AmaliTech intensifies women inclusion in tech

Digital Marketing Team Lead at AmaliTech Ghana, Yvonne Yawson, iterated that having a better understanding and proficiency of the digital space is key.
“Because knowledge of the digital space is needed in any field, one will be lost in the industry without it, especially in this technologically-driven world. As such, there is the need to take education of Information Technology to the grassroots; and it must be intensified in schools,” she said.

women seated at a tech summit listening to a speaker

AmaliTech Organizes Maiden Women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit was a constellation of brilliant minds gathered, celebrating the power and potential of women in the tech industry. We heard from phenomenal speakers who shared insights about their journeys in tech, empowering us all to break barriers and push boundaries.

a young man smiling

“At AmaliTech, you never stop learning; you never stop becoming a better version of yourself.” – Hope Ewudor Talks About His Experience At AmaliTech

Acquiring skills is not enough. Having to put these skills into practice is what really defines whether you are proficient in those particular skills that you have developed or not. AmaliTech not only provides you with the exposure to practice the various skills you have acquired but also gives you more challenges; as you are working on various topics and you reach hurdles, you can jump over these hurdles and then move on, one step at a time. I find this experience crucial because you never stop learning; you never stop becoming a better version of yourself.

AmaliTech, GIZ donates computers to the Takoradi Technical University.

In a short handing-over ceremony organised at AmaliTech Training Centre, the Head of Training at AmaliTech, Salami Suleiman stated “We believe that the newly acquired desktop computers will go a long way to help the university to meet some of its IT infrastructure demands. We aim to positively impact the students and the university, as the computers will provide access to the latest technology, allowing the students to keep up with the fast-paced digital world”.

AmaliTech Equips Children With Programing Skills

We organized a coding boot camp for young people from the 21st to the 24th of June. The set objectives for this boot camp were to nurture the passion for technology in the tertiary students so they take up the numerous opportunities for IT training that comes their way while in school; creating more awareness and a positive brand perception of AmaliTech to young people in Takoradi; giving young people an overview of the careers in the IT industry…