AmaliTech Joins CAMFED’s Change Makers Congress

Representatives from AmaliTech joined CAMFED for its annual Change Makers Congress. This year’s congress assembled all tertiary scholars under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program to acquire skills and practical knowledge in grooming and soft skills development training.

The ladies were split into groups with 30 to 40 members, and resource persons from AmaliTech were assigned to each group.

Presentations were based on netiquette: which basically focuses on the dos and don’ts on the internet.

The sessions pointed out how individuals can conduct themselves while they interact and connect with people on the internet. We aligned on what the standard of ensuring modest communications on the internet should be, and how their actions on various platforms affect how they are perceived and treated. “As tertiary students who will be done with school in no time and will join the market, your profiles and actions on the internet play a huge role in the opportunities you can get and opportunities you might miss.”

All sessions were interactive, and the ladies did quick evaluations of how their past attitudes might make and mar them, with suggestions for improvement.

Other soft-skills acquisitions sessions also focused on emphasizing the need for professional communications, how to be well-positioned to qualify for opportunities and more.