AmaliTech Equips Children With Programing Skills

We organized a coding boot camp for young people from the 21st to the 24th of June. The set objectives for this boot camp were to nurture the passion for technology in the tertiary students so they take up the numerous opportunities for IT training that come their way while in school; creating more awareness and a positive brand perception of AmaliTech to young people in Takoradi; giving young people an overview of the careers in the IT industry; helping STEM-related students and graduates make resolute decisions to join the tech industry, recruiting top-performing candidates to join our training programmes when all qualifications are met.

The 100 young participants included SHS Graduates (so they make informed decisions on their choice of study in the university), tertiary students and graduates (so they can further take up other training available for IT & Digital skills acquisition). In addition to this boot camp aligning with our core aim of empowering the next generation of tech leaders, it also plays a huge role in achieving our commitment to Decent Jobs for Youth: which is to train over 3,000 individuals and create at least 1,000 jobs in Ghana and Rwanda by 2025!

Participants were segmented based on their level of knowledge in programming languages. Complete beginners were taken through HTML & CSS. Those with basic knowledge of HTML & CSS were introduced to Javascript.