SOS CV, DHL & AmaliTech’s Moonshot Pirates Boot Camp

AmaliTech joined DHL and SOS Children’s Villages and other Resource Persons for Moonshot Pirates’ Bootcamp in Tema, Ghana last month. 

Ghana is the first African country to host the Moonshot Pirates for such an impactful boot camp. This boot camp, which sought to mentor young people’s ideas and goals from ideation through to implementation, aligned with AmaliTech’s goal of empowering young people and equipping them with the skills and requisite support.  

A total of 40 young people from SOS Children’s Villages programme locations had the privilege of being supervised by 15 mentors and motivational speakers from AmaliTech and DHL who had provided unique expertise from practical fields of work to encourage young people in their quest for increased knowledge acquisition and opportunities in the advanced world. 

The Bootcamp climaxed with a pitch night, where the pirates, made up of a total of eight groups were given the opportunity to present their ideas. These ideas were then taken through a rigorous process from ideation to implementation, considering social impact, environmental impact, source of funding, revenue generation and more. 

Generally, the innovative ideas spanned from creating a device that will remind patients to take their medication on time, to creating a device that automatically determines the biological features of individuals to inform healthcare practitioners about which kind of medication will work for them to various interventions to control plastic waste menace the country is currently faced with.

The dominant ideas had to do with the proper management of plastic waste, considering how plastic waste is a serious challenge here in Ghana.