AmaliTech Officially Opens New Office in Accra

AmaliTech, a leading IT Training & IT Services company in Europe and Africa, celebrated the official opening of their new office in Accra recently.

This comes months after they moved into the space and started making an impact on the local community.

AmaliTech, which is headquartered in Germany and has offices in Rwanda and Ghana, has seen significant growth in its operations since its inception four years ago. The company now boasts 381 employees worldwide, with over 300 based in Ghana. This contributes to a substantial reduction in the unemployment rate among the youth in the country.

The grand opening saw the attendance of top companies, including representatives from the German Embassy, the German Development Cooperation and Ghana Freezones Authority Limited. These key players in the industry affirmed the importance of AmaliTech’s role in driving the digital agenda forward and creating sustainable jobs in the IT sector.

Plans for Expansion

In his address, the CEO of AmaliTech, Mr Martin Hecker, revealed plans for further expansion in Ghana, with an additional office set to open in Kumasi next year. The company also recently expanded its Accra office, securing additional spaces within the same area.

AmaliTech’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in their implementation of their training programmes. These programmes offer topnotch digital training to young people, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the current digital age. The duration of this program varies, but the end result remains consistent: high-quality, job-ready graduates.

Impact on Ghana’s Youth and Digital Landscape

The German Development Cooperation expressed pride in AmaliTech’s achievements and pledged to continue supporting their initiatives. Their efforts are not only addressing the digital skills shortage in Europe but also tackling job market challenges in Africa.

The company’s mission to empower individuals and drive forward the digital agenda while creating a social impact is indeed commendable. As they continue to grow and expand, AmaliTech is set to make significant strides in promoting inclusion and diversity in the IT job market.

In addition to providing quality IT training, AmaliTech is also a key player in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions for its global clients. The company’s impact resonates not only in the training and employment sector but also in driving digital transformations for businesses in Europe, Africa and beyond.

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