AmaliTech Partners with Kejabil, Ahanta Community to Support Kids in IT & Coding Training

As part of AmaliTech’s social impact efforts, we have partnered with Kejabil, a community in Ahanta, to provide a suitable IT training curriculum for their children to help them develop digital skills relevant to a technologically advancing world. Fifty (50) children between the ages of 11 and 15 are currently enrolled in the training being conducted at the Kejabil M/A School. These children are from various schools in the community. These lessons are set to run for a couple of weeks, with keen observation and monitoring of the children’s performance. 

The chief of the town, along with the heads of the various schools and their teachers, highly appreciated AmaliTech’s effort in training their community children, as most of them had had no exposure to computers or did not know much about the IT field or coding. 

The ICT teachers of the various schools are currently being trained and upskilled in web development programming languages to be well able to assist the community children.

AmaliTech aims to keep inspiring and build up tomorrow’s world changers!

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