AmaliTech’s role in Ghana’s AI Strategy


As part of the development of Ghana’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, AmaliTech joined the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, the Data Protection Commission and other stakeholders for a strategy workshop.

Ghana’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy aims to ensure that by 2033, people living in Ghana will live in a society that has undergone change, where AI enhances human, governmental, commercial, and system potential to accomplish an inclusive social and economic transformation and quality of life.


Priority Areas for AmaliTech

AmaliTech is actively involved in achieving this goal through many initiatives and focus areas. Some of the initiatives will be elaborated below.

  • Our Graduate Trainee Programme and Coding for Kids project present the perfect opportunity to expand the digital skills knowledge base nationwide.
  • Our proactive partnerships with regulated institutions and associations also ensure that we remain a crucial player in providing AI remote jobs and internships for local talents while creating a competitive baseline salary and work structure.