The Joy of AmaliTech’s Growth in Ghana: An Interview with Retailer Grace in Takoradi

A woman standing at her shopThe strong growth of AmaliTech in Ghana is also giving the local retail sector a powerful boost. The „multiplicator effect “, as economists call it, creates bright eyes in the Ghanaian city of Takoradi. Grace, a local retailer who owns a shop on Aggrey Street, talks about the impact of the proximity to the AmaliTech office.

A block away from your shop, on Ama Akroma Road, AmaliTech opened its office in 2019. Do you know the company, and does the rapidly growing number of employees affect your business?

“I know a couple of people who work there. They shop with me regularly now.

I started selling clothes here on Aggrey Street in 2016. The business was running slow. When I started offering groceries and lunch, things started to pick up. And that also has to do with AmaliTech, which is close by.”


How exactly, and do you know if other shops around have had similar experiences?

“After AmaliTech moved here, I saw more and more office workers in our shopping street at lunchtime. At some point, I tried selling groceries and small dishes like soups or noodles. And today, that is my main business!

Our whole street benefits. I know this from many other traders as well.”