“My goal is to create an impact on young developers” – Emmanuel Asaber talks about his experience at AmaliTech

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What does your everyday working life at AmaliTech look like?
My name is Emmanuel Asaber, and I am currently working as a Senior Software Trainer at AmaliTech. This comes with many expectations and responsibilities, which I gladly embrace. Work here usually starts at 7:30 (GMT), and currently, we are operating on a hybrid system, meaning that on two days, I am working from home, and on three days, I am in the office. To make it simple, my responsibility is to train or upskill young developers to be very proficient in whatever stack they’re learning or whatever career part they’ve chosen. Specifically, I focus on front-end engineering, which essentially deals with building user interfaces and reaching web experiences for clients or anybody who wants web-based software.
I’ve been a developer for over twelve years. Now, at AmaliTech, I have around 20 or 30 trainees that I handle, so I schedule meetings with them every week to check in on them. The training is self-paced, and I come in weekly to assess what they’ve been able to cover and support them with any problems or challenges. Regularly, I celebrate their small achievements with them. Sometimes it goes beyond the working hours – people reach out to me on weekends when they’re working, just a quick call, and that’s also fine. Aside from that, there are our regular office hours, during which people can report their problems.

What are your personal/professional goals (at AmaliTech)?
Here at AmaliTech, my main goal is to be able to train more people. In our part of the world, when I started as a young developer, I didn’t have the chance that most of these young people have now. I had to basically research my way to everything I know – there was no clear guide. My goal is to create an impact on young developers and make sure that they get all the opportunities I was not able to have.

What do you like best about working at AmaliTech?
Working at AmaliTech, I have the freedom to shape the work I do.
Also, there is this kind of casual nature to the hierarchy here. We are all friends, and the nature is very calm, which is something that I like. Finally, the ability to learn because knowing that I have to teach and mentor people puts me on edge to learn continuously.

Would you like to share a funny or inspiring situation you experienced (working with different
Working with people from different cultures, you don’t have to filter everything you hear through your own culture. For instance, here in Ghana, you cannot talk to somebody using your left hand, but it’s not the same in other cultures. One thing that working with people of different cultures has taught me is to listen a lot. It really helped me to listen to what the person has to say, to let people express and explain themselves, and then not to look at everything through the lens of your own culture. That has helped me deal with other people, who are also outside of AmaliTech. All in all, this has made me a better person.

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