International Girls in ICT Day

For the International Girls in ICT Day this year, AmaliTech gGmbH organized a career workshop with over 900 final-year students from the Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High School in Takoradi, Ghana.

In line with this year’s theme of access and safety, we had an interactive session with the ladies on how they can utilise the accessibility of digital tools to acquire IT/digital skills for a safe and secure future.

Our workshop also outlined various opportunities available in the tech industry, and why it is important for women to venture into the tech space. We also made rebuttals to some general misconceptions about joining and thriving in the tech industry.

Our visit and engagement with the students was very timely due to the fact that most of them are expected to make career decisions and choices about their courses of study at the universities they would be applying to in the coming months.

For students who are passionate about working in other industries, we highlighted how embracing digitalization and technology can accelerate efficiency and help them in their career paths.
The workshop had a tangible impact on the ladies.