International Women’s Day Celebration

8th March is the day set aside to celebrate women all over the world. On our social media platforms, we celebrated this special day by uploading quotes from our women on how a world free of bias will look like, and achievements they are proud of. 

Internally, we celebrated the International Women’s Day with an in-house seminar with presentations from our leading ‘working Moms’ on the theme “The Woman, Her Career & Her Home”.

Some leading women from AmaliTech who have been able to create successful careers, while taking care of their families, took turns to highlight how women can create a balanced family-work life.


Key Takeaways

*A woman who is willing to combine work and family should plan and map out strategies that align with her family goals and personal career goals.

*Women do not break the bias only by advocating for it. They should take up opportunities and invest in their careers, be willing to speak up, and not settle for situations that undermine their worth.

*As a woman, regardless of how tight your schedules are, do make time to relax, reflect, and re-strategize. Get an “alone time”.

*As a working mom, do not strive to do all house chores on your own. Outsource if you should, and get the necessary gadgets that will help you reduce pressure.

*Surround yourself with a supportive network of people.