“AmaliTech is a big learning space for me,” Lisa-Marie Koomson talks about her experience at AmaliTech.

A female employee smiling

What does your everyday working life at AmaliTech look like?

I am Lisa-Marie Koomson, a Trainer Analyst at AmaliTech.

In my everyday working life at the Training Centre, I’m solely in charge of the welfare of trainees onsite and interns (when necessary). I also have mentor meetings with some fresh trainees and perform administrative tasks.

In the mentor meetings, we mainly talk about the training cycle, share experiences, and offer assistance to them.

What challenges do the trainees encounter, and how can they be overcome?

The trainees in our Digital Innovation Programme, coming from a broader set of backgrounds, experience difficulties with programming; in their first phase, I assist them with some tutorials.

A few of these trainees are also without laptops, so they resort to the training centre to use the available ones.

What do you like best about working at AmaliTech?

AmaliTech is a very diverse environment; I get to learn new things every day. At the Training centre, we have weekly presentations during our meetings, and I have the chance to share ideas and learn from the day’s presenter.

I’m a continuous learner, have the platform to share what I’m best at with others, and strive to improve each day. I tend to embrace new challenges out of scope readily, from the AmaliTech experience. I love AmaliTech because – “I continuously learn in this space”.

Would you like to share a funny or inspiring situation you experienced (working with different cultures)?

What inspires me is the diverse way we approach issues and problems here; we brainstorm from different angles, ideate, and conclude on the optimized solution. This is a beautiful sight to behold!