Remarkable national Service Journey At AmaliTech Begins!

We have welcomed over 80 exceptional graduates joining us for their mandatory National Service at our offices in Accra and Takoradi, Ghana!

This is Absolutely Remarkable because…
Accommodating such a substantial group is astounding, and it reflects our unwavering commitment to impacting as many young tech talents as possible, empowering them for a brighter future.

We’re also proud to provide these talented individuals with improved salaries and allowances. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and we’re equally impressed by their dedication and passion.

Young tech professionals having their onboarding at AmaliTech office in Accra

The Exciting Onboarding Journey

It’s exciting to share that these young AmaliTechies have explored our brands, learnt about our vision, and mission, and embraced the core values that move AmaliTech forward.

They’ve had engaging sessions led by various departments and chapters to provide valuable insights into our organisation’s various facets, including sessions on email etiquette and CV writing to help them excel in their professional lives.

Our NSPs also had a week-long hackathon; showcasing their creativity and innovative prowess. They did some edutainment-TED-style presentations on vital topics, lego scrum exercises.

The Hackathon was the highlight of the entire onboarding experience as they collaborated, coded, and created innovative projects to solve real-world challenges reflecting the true spirit of an AmaliTechie.

We are proud that these talented individuals will embark on the next phase of their careers with AmaliTech.

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