Shop Area Doubled: An Interview With Retailer Teresa In Takoradi

A woman standing at her stallDirectly opposite the AmaliTech office in Takoradi, Teresa runs a fruit shop. She talked to AmaliTech about her shop and the impact of the AmaliTech office on her business.

Selling fresh fruit here on Ama Akroma Road – how did you come up with the idea, and what was the result?

I started with a small counter in 2018. I wanted to determine if the transit traffic on the Ama Akroma Road would yield enough customers. It was very experimental.

I was actually able to sell a little bit. But it was not yet a real „breakthrough“ for a proper store.

What happened then?

In 2019, a business moved into the office building across the street. Below the company sign “AmaliTech”, it said, “IT Service Company”. I didn’t exactly know what they were doing. There is no glass façade you can look in, like in a shop. But now I know many people who work there. They come to shop with me regularly.

Has that had an impact on your business?

It definitely did. I doubled my shop area in 2020! I also built a storage room for my fruit. Just look around – the fruit varieties in the assortment have grown quite a bit.