Women Talk Tech Webinar 21′

The Women Talk Tech webinar was organised as one of our initiatives to enhance female participation and interest in the Tech space. Organised on Friday, 17th September 2021 at Zoho Meeting, the Women Talk Tech webinar assembled four of the top industry players: Lily Edinam Botsyoe (IT Community Engagement Lead Tech Speaker), Sarah Borda (Operations Associate — SAP), Anita Twumasi-Ankrah (Software Tester — AmaliTech),

and Lois Young (CSR Team Lead — AmaliTech) in the tech industry, to elaborate on how their journey has been and how they surmounted challenges while inspiring women that a tech career is possible and highly achievable. The target audience for the webinar was not just focused on women already in the tech industry, but generally, tech enthusiasts, and women with an interest in joining the industry.

Various presentations established that succeeding in the tech industry is not hinged on being a man or a woman, but on perseverance, willingness to learn, and diligence.

Contrary to misconceptions by a lot of people that technology thrives only on coding, speakers for the event took turns to rebut this and other misconceptions by revealing the many careers that exist in the tech industry, which do not thrive on coding.

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