Staffing Analyst

Job Location: Takoradi, Ghana
Work Model: Hybrid (Office & Home)
Working Hours: 40 hours/week
Reports To: Service Centre Manager
Salary: Commensurate with qualification and experience

Job Summary

We are seeking to hire at the earliest opportunity a Staffing Analyst to support the Service Center management  team in staffing processes. The selected candidate will work closely with the Management team and will have  the opportunity to grow into this role through mentorship and experience. 

The staffing analyst will oversee the Service Center staffing process. There will be opportunities to grow from  this administrative role into a highly interactive one. The staffing analyst will be mentored and groomed to  successfully grow into the management of the Service Center staffing processes.

Key Responsibilities

Typical tasks and responsibilities may include: 

  • Maintain up-to-date employee and project allocation data in the Service Center’s resource  management tool 
  • Provide regular updates to Service Center management on staff and skill availability, utilisation and  billability rates to enable effective decision making Support Service Center management in preparing  quarterly capacity planning forecasts 
  • Review staff CVs to ensure they follow AmaliTech’s formatting and content guidelines and are  available on short notice in a client-ready format (spell-checked, maintaining confidentiality, providing  a clear sense of experience) 
  • Assist in the regular updating of skill profiles for all Service Center staff through data collection, reviews  in conjunction with chapter leads, and one-on-one (1:1) conversations 
  • Assist in the selection of candidates to be presented to clients for new project opportunities
  • Lead regular conversations with Service Center staff who are available for staffing to discuss project  opportunities, staff interests and skills 
  • Follow specific guidance working under close supervision of and collaboration with Service Center  management 
  • Perform other duties as needed

Job Requirements

  • Superb attention to detail 
  • Advanced skills working with Microsoft Office tools 
  • Strong analytical capabilities 
  • Strong time management skills 
  • Ability to reliably handle multiple tasks with interlocking deadlines 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Comfortable interacting with senior management
  • Ability to work well in a team environment


  • Competitive salary, commensurate with qualification and experience 
  • Bonuses and gift vouchers 
  • Internet data allocation for remote work 
  • Medical insurance (includes eye care and dental) 
  • Employee welfare benefits (for weddings, funerals) 
  • Interest free loans for accommodation
  • AmaliTechies (employees) bonding activities (bi-monthly happy hour, sporting activities)

Recruitment Process

1. Application by clicking on the “Apply Now” button
2. General Coding Assessment
3. Online Interview
4. Job Offer

What to Expect

Working with AmaliTech provides an excellent opportunity for career growth and development in a healthy
and diverse work environment. Our talented and welcoming team will ensure you feel part of our family to get
you engaged on the job.

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Do you have any questions or clarifications?

Please feel free to contact Richard Botchway, our HR Team Lead in our Training Academy Ghana.