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Let’s start the New Year right! Apply now via this link and be an AmaliTech Trainer!

The AmaliTech Training Academy recognises that it is imperative that we respond to the needs of an ever-changing workforce. The global economy is expanding and requires competencies that include effectively interacting with people from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

If you have any of the following qualifications, join us and let us create a collaborative learning environment:

-Bachelor’s degree or higher in IT, Engineering, Computer Science, data science, Business Administration, or other related fields;

-Two years of teaching or training experience;

-Deep knowledge of cross-cultural communication and the ability to moderate a diverse classroom;

*For Data Science experts, we are looking for trainers who can teach two or more of the following courses: Probability – The Science of Uncertainty, Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, Data Analysis for Social Scientists, Data Analysis in Social Science – Assessing Your Knowledge and Fundamentals of Statistics

Please note that we only accept applications via SmartRecruiters: Link

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