We Believe Everyone Can Have a place in tech

A diverse and inclusive workforce is an important driving force of an efficient tech ecosystem. Therefore as part of our Equal Employment Opportunity, AmaliTech promotes gender equality and the inclusion of persons with disabilities. We are determined to be one of the market leaders in the global drive for employment equality. We celebrate diversity, thrive on creating an inclusive environment for all employees and aiming for balance in our workforce.




We will build a childcare facility and hire qualified and highly trained staff.

We will provide accommodation for our female trainees.

Support Women in the Tech Space

Unfortunately, there are many factors that hinder women from considering a career in the ICT sector – from historic gender role perceptions, dismissing attitudes, and confidence to missing family support and lack of aid from educational facilities. This makes it especially hard for young mothers to join or come back to the ICT sector after giving birth.

At AmaliTech we want to start by making it possible for women to join us, work with us – and stay with us, while simultaneously being able to take care of their families. How can we achieve this goal? We can start by providing accommodation for trainees and childcare facilities with highly qualified staff to take care of children, while these talented women pursue their passion in the ICT sector.

Support Persons with Disabilities in the Tech Space

According to the World Health Organisation 15% of the people in the world are living with disabilities. At AmaliTech it is our goal to break down barriers that are currently hindering persons with disabilities to pursue a path in the ICT sector. There are many aspects to consider – starting with offering the right tools and necessary software. 

This includes special learning software for visually impaired and hearing-impaired trainees, assisting visually impaired trainees with accessible accommodation where they can easily move to the Training Academy, and financial assistance.

By meeting these needs, we are able to encourage more persons with disabilities to join our Training Academy and gain meaningful employment. Join us in creating an inclusive environment and support a better future for all. 

Special learning software for visually impaired and hearing-impaired trainees

Accessible accommodation where persons with disabilities can easily move to the Training Academy

Financial Assistance for persons with disabilities

children coding in a lab

Prepare the local IT trainers to introduce coding and digital literacy to SOS children by means of an elaborated train-the-trainer programme

Support local (SOS) teachers and trainers by continuous mentoring

Motivate young coders in competing with their peers in local/national coding competitions to let their digital talents thrive to the benefit of all

Support Children in the Tech Space

Coding for kids (C4K) is an initiative which was born first through the partnership between AmaliTech and SOS Children’s Villages, Ghana. The project is tailored purposely to train young children between the ages of 9 and 14 years to code with passion and skills that can only come from continuous learning and the right coaching.

Coding lessons are currently organised for eligible kids in all Hermann Gmeiner Schools in Ghana. Trainers from the AmaliTech Training Academy have trained ICT teachers in all four schools (Tema, Kumasi, Asiakwa and Tamale) through a curriculum specially drawn up to appeal to the senses of a curious mind. At the end of the training programme, the teachers should have the requisite knowledge to take the students through the lessons smoothly.

By supporting this project, you are creating an avenue for the project to continue and to expand its boundaries to other eligible schools. So far, it is with great pride that we speak of the accomplishments of these kids through coding. We are anticipating the launching of a coding competition that would have all four branches compete in creating innovative projects. It is our hope that this project will whet the appetites of the young ones in the field of Technology.

Coding for Kids – Let’s Go! Let’s Code ! Let’s Conquer!

C4K – Breaking Limits!

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