Our Recruitment Process

Step 1

Screening and Shortlisting of Qualified Candidates based on minimum eligibility criteria.

Step 2

Shortlisted candidates are then contracted to take a computer based test. We will be testing the existing programming skills.

Step 3

Next is a face-to-face interview at our site. This interview can also be done online depending on the current circumstances.


Step 4

Once candidates prove themselves capable of fitting into the AmaliTech training programme, an offer is made and candidates are enrolled into our programme.

Tips From Us To You

We recommend that every candidate should visit  https://amalitech.org/test-instructions/ in order to complete our sample online assessment. This will give candidates a fair idea of the nature of our assessments, measure their performance and study the relevant topics to ensure they are well prepared for the actual online and onsite assessments should they get shortlisted.


Your Questions and Our Answers

The purpose of this programme is to train the youth in Rwanda in advanced digital and IT skills. The successful candidates, if they choose, will have an opportunity for an employment pathway through our service centers in Rwanda to work for international clients on IT related projects. 

Yes, you will be notified if the seat has been filled.

It is a training programme primarily leading to various employment pathways. Upon successful completion of the training in good standing, the candidates will be offered a job in our service center. However, they are not obligated in anyway to accept our offer, and are free to choose their future career path as they see fit.

For all inquiries or help, kindly send us an e-mail at rwanda@amalitech.org

This programme will train the youth in Rwanda and sub-Saharan Africa, in the necessary skills for IT and digital employment. Candidates who successfully complete our rigorous training will then have an option to join one of our service centers. Employed graduates at our service centers will have a rewarding career in IT, working amongst a team of highly qualified professionals in a global and multicultural setting with great opportunities for growth, training, and development. A further option arises as the skilled youth has the opportunity to establish their own business and become self-employed.

Yes, please submit your cover letter, clearly highlighting what is your motivation behind applying for this programme and what do you hope to achieve. Also, it should include what experience or qualifications that you bring to the programme, which makes you the best candidate for selection. The cover letter should be no longer than one page.

 The assessment will be the test of concepts in computer programming and your general suitability to the program. It will be proctored and will require access to broadband internet and a functioning computer with a webcam and Chrome or Firefox browser. It will last between 2 to 3 hours and can be taken from anywhere. 

There is no requirement of previous professional experience for making an application to our graduate trainee programme. 

It is a full-time training programme, so it would require 40 hours a week commitment in addition to homework.

No, the reference letters are not required at the time of application. However, names and contact addresses of three professional or academic references are required during the application stage. These references will be contacted before the final selection.

The curriculum will be administered using a blended learning approach in a mix of online and on-site learning. It is self paced and instructor-supported. You will be largely responsible for the outcome, so you need to be self motivated and disciplined in order to successfully finish the course.

Every specialisation has its specific eligibility criteria. Go to  https://amalitech.org/our-programme-rwanda for more details.

To apply for AmaliTech’s graduate trainee programme, kindly visit this link and follow the instructions to apply.

The selection process includes CV screening and review, assessment test, online and on-site interviews

No, there is no age limit for this programme.

No, it is not mandatory to have an IT background, but it is preferable. However, it is mandatory to have proficiency in one of the programming languages (JavaScript, Java or C/C++) along with understanding of concepts like data structures and algorithms.

There are no charges or tuition fees that the applicant has to pay to AmaliTech at any step of the process. AmaliTech will bear all the associated costs regarding the administration of training and curriculum. However, the candidate will be responsible for their own personal expenses.

Yes, you will receive the support of instructors during the program. This entire program will be free of cost for you. There are no charges from AmaliTech for this, and successful completion leads to an employment pathway.

Yes, Amalitech is an equal opportunity employer, and special consideration is given to the women, people living with disabilities (PWDs), and individuals belonging to the marginalized communities.

You are required to submit a CV, a cover letter clearly explaining your motivation to apply for this programme, a photograph, scanned copies of degrees and transcripts, and other relevant certificates. Before the final offer is made, all the documents will be verified for authenticity.

Yes, the training not only includes the technical skills but general skills as well which are required to function efficiently in geographically distributed, multicultural and international teams (e. g. leading a team, project management skills). If you already have an advanced degree, it does not replace the training but is advantageous in your career advancement.

Ideally, it requires your full time commitment. But if you have confidence in your existing skill set and you can balance the training alongside your existing workload, you are most welcome to try. The course design is largely self paced, so you decide your own pace. But the help of our trainers would only be available during working hours, and failure to follow the pace required to maintain your standing would result in termination of your enrollment. 

Do you have questions or clarifications?

Feel free to contact Roger Uwayezu, our Recruitment Team Lead in our Training Academy in Rwanda.