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About GTP

The AmaliTech Training Programme is an intensive, full-time IT skills development program designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience needed to thrive in the growing IT industry. The program is designed to be completed in a 6-month duration with practical project-based online and in-person sessions.

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Who is this for

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Computer science graduates (CS) or final year CS students (Rwanda Only)
Graduates who have completed national service (Ghana Only)
Tech enthusiasts with a strong work ethic.
Available for full-time hybrid learning for 6 months.
Meeting specific technical requirements for each specialization

Why Choose AmaliTech

Specialized Training

Choose from in-demand specializations like Frontend Development, Backend Development, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX.

Industry-Ready Curriculum

Learn from experienced instructors and industry experts using real-world projects in a collaborative learning environment.

Hybrid Learning Model

Combine instructor -led sessions with self-paced modules for flexibility.

Designed for Success

Our program integrates professional skills development, preparing you for the workplace

Financial Support

Receive a monthly stipend and internet data to support your learning journey.

Career Opportunities

Gain an edge in the job market with AmaliTech Service Centre job offers upon successful completion.

Application Process

Online Application

  • Complete an online application form.
  • Select your specialization.

Online Assessment

  • Coding Assessment for Frontend and Backend Specializations Only.
  • Aptitude Test for Quality Assurance Specialization Only.
  • Aptitude Test UI/UX Design Specialization Only.

Technical Interview

  • A final specialization-specific technical interview will be conducted to assess your overall fit for the program and potential for success.

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UI/UX Design

Create user-centered interfaces that are both beautiful and intuitive, while mastering design ....

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Frontend Development

Master the skills to build visually appealing and interactive web experiences...

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Backend Development

Develop the server-side logic that drives web applications using Spring Boot to build

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Quality Assurance

Become a guardian of quality by mastering testing methodologies to identify a..

Headshot of a young professional lady smiling I was turned down a job offer because I did not have enough ICT background. This inspired me to learn more about it and joining AmaliTech was an opportunity that came on a platter of gold.
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I developed my skills in software development and quality assurance through their Graduate Trainee Programme, and I was offered a position at AmaliTech as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

Meet the people who chose


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Working at AmaliTech has taught me to be more time-conscious and effective with my time, and what I like most is the collaboration and variety in the training.

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 I am working at AmaliTech, after completing the training programme. Working at AmaliTech allows me to learn continuously and improve my communication skills.

Like What You See? Apply Now

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Do you require further clarification?

 Feel free to contact Richard Harry A. Botchway, our Recruitment Team Lead in our Training Academy in Ghana.