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All trainees will undertake fundamental courses in HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Upon successful completion of the fundamental courses, trainees will specialise in four tracks. Below are the tracks with their skills set:

Group of Data Scientists

Our Specialisations

Front-end Developer
VueJS, ReactJS
Back-end Developer
NodeJS, Python (Django, Flask)
Fullstack developer
VueJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Python (Django, Flask)
Data Science & Development
Python (Django), MS Excel, SQL

Our IT/Digital Skills Training Programme For Graduates

AmaliTech recruits graduates into the AmaliTech Training Programme regularly to undergo free training in IT/Digital skills offering diverse employment pathway opportunities. Once again, we have begun accepting applications from qualified graduates to be recruited into our training academy as part of our next cohort. This ongoing recruitment is targeted at trainees who will join our Training Academy in October 2021. The AmaliTech Graduate Trainee Programme is open to graduates with IT/digital related background who are willing to be enrolled in our Training Academy to undergo intensive upskill training for IT/digital career opportunities.

The training programme is designed as entirely online and self-paced with instructors’ support. Trainees have a maximum of eight (8) months to complete the training curriculum and one (1) month to complete a mandatory capstone project. It is possible for fast and more experienced trainees to complete the entire training curriculum and capstone project in three (3) months.

After successful completion of the training programme, you will be offered an employment pathway. Should you accept our offer, you would have to relocate to Takoradi to work in our Service Centre. However, after successful completion of the training programme, it is not mandatory to accept our offer for employment.


  • Minimum of an HND or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering, IT, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Physics or Engineering.
  • Must have taken courses in Data Structures, Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming during their undergraduate studies.
  • Must have taken at least one course related to Probability, Statistics, Algebra, and Calculus during their undergraduate degree.
  • Must have strong interest and temperament for Computer Programming and Mathematics.
  • Must possess good working knowledge in at least one of the programming languages (especially Java, JavaScript, Python).
  • Previous software development or data analytics experience is an advantage.
  • Must have duly completed National Service.
Two trainees collaborating
Interaction between partners and staff

Persons  with Disabilities (PWDs) who need further assistance and support for the application process should please reach out to our HR Team by sending a message to hr@amalitech.com or call our team on +233 501 697 288. Should you contact our HR team, kindly provide us with information about your disability and how you would need assistance to complete our application process regarding your specific situation.

Employment Pathways

After successful completion of the training programme, Graduate Trainees have three employment pathways to choose from:

  • They can get an employment offer at one of our Service Centres. 
  • They can use AmaliTech as a platform to be self-employed as we also encourage entrepreneurship. 
  • They have an option to seek gainful employment on their own.

What to Expect For Your Career Development

Training and working with AmaliTech provides an excellent opportunity for career growth and development in a healthy and diverse IT/digital work environment. Our talented and welcoming team will ensure you feel part of our family to get you engaged in the training and successfully get to be on the job. After successful completion
of the training program, the trainees can expect an attractive start salary with possibility of fast-tracking promotion depending on the performance. In summary, you will experience the following benefits:

  • High learning curve.
  • Attractive salary.
  • Possible for doubling base salary within 4 years.
  • Due to our performance-based culture, the fast track for top performers has a strong impact on their compensation; doubling salary within 2 years is possible (Base Salary + Bonus).