Our Training Environment

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote inclusion and diversity in the tech ecosystem. We, therefore, do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or disability. AmaliTech aspires to include equal numbers of women, men and a representative number of persons with disabilities in our training programme. 

AmaliTech Training Byte

8 Fundamental bits of Teaching and Learning

The AmaliTech Training Academy has established core competencies to give trainers a concise understanding of academy-wide expected learning goals. Throughout the programme, trainees will acquire and develop skills, knowledge and dispositions related to their competencies. Our core competencies consist of the 8 fundamental bits of teaching and learning and are called the “AmaliTech Training Byte.” Our trainers aspire to teach in a manner that incorporates the core competencies described in the AmaliTech Training¬† Byte. They work collaboratively to improve training strategies and practices.

We think critically and solve problems.

Critical Thinking

We inspire innovation and creativity.


We listen and communicate effectively.


We have courage in our convictions.


We are respectful.


We meaningfully engage with one another.


We serve and lead in our communities.

Leadership & Service

We reflect on our ideas, actions and experiences.


Training Academy Impressions
A group of staff members
A group of software testers
A group of software developers